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888 is the biggest casino on the internet and it’s well known for the detailed games it offers, its stable software and the huge amounts of people that visit the casino.

When visiting 888 you’ll notice that there are always plenty of things to do and they regularly host events and tournaments for loyal players. The amount of games that 888 offers is not very high, but because of the great implementation this is no problem for most visitors.

If you only plan to visit one casino on the net, 888 is a wise choice.

The biggest online casino is 888 Casino-on-Net and when looking for a casino to play this is undoubtedly one of the casinos that you will encounter. It’s a casino that has a very good reputation, it has been running for more than a decade and it’s still going strong.

Casino-on-Net basically has all things that make a casino attractive to its audience. Its website is available in 21 languages, it offers all popular casino games and the website is colorful, attractive and it’s easily navigable.

The games

As said in the introduction, 888 delivers all popular casino games and it does that in a spectacular fashion. Most games are executed flawlessly and playing the games at 888 will feel like you are playing the real thing.

The software that is used by 888 is made by Random Logic and it presents all games in a sophisticated way. All games give clear indications of possible bets and possible actions and you won’t have to worry about not being able to find certain options or actions. The number of games that 888 offers is quite low though and if you are looking for that one, rare, exclusive game, then 888 is not the place to go. It only offers around 40 games and rare games are not included in the library.

Luckily live games are included in the library of flawless games and we have to say that the live games on 888 are definitely the best live games that can be played on the web. If you are looking for an awesome live roulette experience, search no longer and deposit right now at 888.

Promotion and payment

Like most online casinos, 888 also offers a hefty signup bonus. You can get up to $1400 in bonuses when you sign up and make your first deposit. The amount might be a little lower than you get on some other sites, but you have to keep in mind that you do get to play on perhaps the most premium site on the web, despite the small number of games that is being offered.

When it comes to the loyalty program, 888 also manages to set itself apart from its competitors. It offers lots of events and tournament for the members of the program and special VIP services are offered to players earning lots of Comp Points and depositing a lot of money. Players with a high VIP status gain benefits such as better Comp Point conversion rates.

As one of the leading online casinos, at 888 money can be deposited and withdrawn with the standard ways that most casinos offer, including VISA, Laser, Neteller, PayPal, WebMoney and Netpay.

Support & security

Support at 888 is at the same level as all other services on the site. It’s the best we’ve seen and players can always count on the support team to solve problems through phone, email or live chat.

Your money and information is safe at 888, as they make use of Cassava Enterprises’ services to guarantee that no bad things can happen. The casino has been operating for about 16 years and during this period it has always maintained a perfect reputation when it comes to security.


If you’ve read the entire review, you probably can’t have missed the point that we are very positive about 888. It’s the perfect casino for playing common games. The only downside for 888 is that the amount of available games is rather low and not every game can be found on the page.

The roulette games on 888 are amongst the better ones we’ve seen in any online casino. The standard games are well executed, no non-sense games and live roulette at 888 is pure perfection.

If you want to play a common game, however, then 888 is definitely the first casino you should try. Its website, client and playing environment are great and you will probably never need another casino.

Overall score – 9/10
Roulette score – 9/10

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