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Rome Casino is another casino that just entered the ring. It was started about 3 years ago and it wants to distinguish itself from other casinos by its own, unique software.

The software at Rome Casino is definitely its strongest point; it has unique looks and a great interface. The amount of games Rome Casino offers is average, but the casino does not offer any live games.

If you are looking for a unique casino experience, be sure to check out Rome Casino.

Rome Casino is a website that was launched in 2008. It all revolves around, as the name suggests, around one of the most iconic cities in history.

The creators of Rome Casino want to give players the feelings that they are gladiators, walking into the coliseum and fighting for their winnings. It’s a pretty cool concept, but the execution of the concept isn’t perfect.

Especially because of the fonts that are used on the website, it looks like it was made more than a decade ago and it might even be from the times when gladiators still existed. Aside from the bad font, the website can only be shown in 3 languages.

Not the most inviting site you might think. That’s not true though; there is a big “get up to $10,000 in bonuses” banner that does invite you to start playing at Rome Casino. And once you do and start the software, you will see that it’s actually a very nice online casino.

The games

You can find about 60 games in Rome Casino. That’s a pretty low number compared to other online casinos, but it’s still enough to keep you entertained for a long time and all commonly played games can be found.

Rome Casino is using Top Game software, which is characterized by a unique interface that works well and stunning game graphics. Because of the Top Game software, all games on Rome look great and on top of that it’s fun to play. Since we spend most of our time in Playtech casinos it’s nice to use a different user interface every once in a while.

The gameplay is very intuitively and the client is easy to use. No gambler would have trouble finding his or her favorite game, as long as Rome Casino offers that particular game. Unfortunately, all live games are missing and this is the biggest disadvantage of the game collection at Rome Casino.

Promotion and payment

Rome Casino probably has the best promotions on the web and there’s always some sort of bonus a player can use. The biggest bonus Rome Casino offers is the welcome bonus of $10,000, but in order to get the full bonus amount you do need to make 10 deposits of at least $1,000.

Rome Casino’s loyalty program works like most other loyalty programs. Players will be assigned a VIP level and depending on that level they get rights to cash back, play certain table limits and make weekly withdrawals.

Depositing money at Rome Casino will give no problems; all major ways of depositing are supported: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club, FastWire, Neteller and Click2Pay.

Withdrawing money from Rome Casino can unfortunately no longer be done with credit cards. It can however still be done with options such as Neteller and FastWire.

Support & security

Rome Casino has great support, you can call or email the support team 24/7 and the support team will always be ready for your questions. We have even seen their support team helping people on several casino related forums on the web.

Rome Casino is operated by professionals and the site has been going for quite a while. Rome Casino is here to stay and your money and personal information is safe at Rome Casino.


Rome Casino is a casino that distinguishes itself by using its own customized Top Game software. This software is definitely their strong point as it looks great, it has a splendid interface and it really gives the casino its own look.

Another advantage of the casino is that most games felt pretty loose. Especially the slots seemed to give a good return on invest and it felt like they had a good win rate.

One of the disadvantages of Rome Casino is the fact that the number of games offered is limited. Another disadvantage is the lack of multiple currencies; you can only bet in US$. For most Americans this will not be a problem, but for people from other parts of the world it’s probably not the most convenient option.

Finally, the roulette games at Rome Casino are also a bit of a letdown, mainly because there is no live roulette game. Of course there are standard roulette games and they are executed very well, but they don’t quite offer the excitement and interaction that live roulette offers.

Overall score – 7.5/10
Roulette score – 6.5/10

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