Online Roulette: A New Experience for the Roulette Player

Spinning the roulette wheel has been associated with the concept of luck and chance. Although the roulette game is very easy to learn and requires very little skill, implementing a few strategies and techniques will increase one’s chances of hitting the price. With its significant number of followers, it is no wonder the game has also been brought online.

The Objective

Online roulette players try to predict into which pocket the ball will fall once the wheel comes to a stop. They place their bets according to their predictions. Payouts will vary according to a number of correct predictions made.

The Rules

A layout with 36 numbers arranged on it composes an online roulette game. The numbers are arranged from 1 to 36 and alternately colored red and black. Boxes for additional bets are found at the sides of the layout. This will include boxes for betting odd or even; red or black; first, second, or third dozen; first, second, or third column; and first or second half. A 0 or a 0 and a 00 are found at the top of the online roulette wheel.

To play, an online roulette player may place as many chips as he wishes to anywhere on the layout. He clicks the wheel to spin it. A number or side bet is paid off when the ball lands on them. One can calculate the payout by the true odds as if there were no 0 r 00, meaning a number would be paid off at 35 to 1. A bet of odd or even or red or black will be paid off at even money. Of course, an online roulette player can bet on more than one number at a time. Betting on multiple numbers would require the player to place the chips in such a way that they touch all the numbers the player wants to put a bet on. Placing the chips in between two numbers means he is betting on the two numbers.

The Zeros

The difference between the European and American online roulette is the number of zeros found on the layout. TheAmerican roulette will show double zeros, while the layout for the European roulette only utilizes a single zero. Expert gamblers or wise online gamers would normally pick the single-zero tables where the house advantage is reduced. The house gets an edge in the zeros. In online roulette, any bet placed on the odd or even loses when a 0 or a 00 comes up.

The Strategy

People have the wrong impression that since roulette is a game of luck and chance, there’s no point in coming up with strategies to make the odds work for their advantage. A wise online gamer would know better. Some strategies for online roulette gaming will make your plays a little more exciting.

Look out for that table that plays with the rule of Surrender. With this rule, once the ball lands on the 0 or 00, you only lose half of your bet instead of the entire bet. This roulette strategy is effective as this drops the house’s advantage to 2.63 percent.

Look up for the En Prison rule. Although not as common as Surrender, this rule works on the zeroes and the outside bets. When the ball lands on 0 or 00, you get a second chance and wait for the next roll of the wheel. This strategy drops the house edge to 1.35 percent.

And of course, don’t forget to play on European table instead of the American roulette. Same as the roulette table in casinos, the online European roulette layout does not have the double zero slot reducing the house edge to 2.7 percent.

Having read through these rules and tips, you are now ready to try your luck at the exciting and glamorous world on online roulette.

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