Asia Is Taking Over The Gambling Niche

10 July 2012
Asia Is Taking Over The Gambling Niche

If you play blackjack, then you might know about the exodus of professional blackjack players from the United States to Asia. While we’re not talking about a massive amount of people, this trend is taking place. What makes this trend so strange is that Vegas is doing everything it can to keep players happy. It just seems to be that professional blackjack players crave more than just comps; they want action. This doesn’t just pertain to gambling action, but action around them. Perhaps a better word than “action” would be “energy.” But don’t expect Vegas to go down without a fight.

Today, there are land-based casinos in Macau, Cambodia, the Philippines and Russia. Who would have expected this several years ago? In the past, the only competition for Vegas was Atlantic City. Now they both have to deal with Asia. Who will win in the end?

Las Vegas isn’t the only place involved in this fight. Other states are also involved. The United States is making a wise move by legalizing more gambling throughout the country. If people are going to gamble anyway, then why not make it safe for them? Just as important are the tax revenues, especially with how much states are hurting. These revenues can be used to help pay down debt.

While some states are making progress, that’s not a step that can make a difference in Las Vegas. This step was obviously taken care of decades ago. The MGM decided to partner up with Asian Coast Development, which is like an MGM of Asia. This will allow the MGM to get a piece of the Asian action. In return, Asian Coast Development will get a piece of the MGM action. At the present time, it looks like a great move for the MGM. In the end, gamblers will eventually come back to Las Vegas, and Asian Coast Development will make out like bandits.

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