Learn the secrets of online roulette from an insider

11 May 2011
Learn the secrets of online roulette from an insider

While most online roulette players may have their own strategy, the fact remains that even the most successful punter would like to win more. Well now gamers can get an inside look at the workings of the online roulette industry thanks to CheatRoulettex.com, an instructional site that offers a number of strategies and secrets to winning at the popular table game.

The site is the brainchild of John White, a retired digital pit boss who spent more than 20 years working the online roulette tables of online casinos. On the site he profiles a number of common tools that cheaters use, including several software hacks that he claims can help eliminate the games considerable house advantage.

Despite the site’s name, White claims that he is not endorsing the concept of cheating, merely informing users of the procedure, its risks and rewards.

"People assume that this website is some sort of DIY for how to cheat roulette. It isn’t," White told the press. "My site lays out the pros and cons of trying to cheat roulette in today’s gambling world. While trying to game the system may be the best choice for some people, it’s definitely not a good idea universally to cheat roulette."

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