returns thanks to Right Casino Media

17 May 2011 returns thanks to Right Casino Media

Punters with a knack for online roulette have a wealth of options when it comes time to pick an online casino where they can hit the virtual tables. Yet while there are plenty of gaming houses out there, there are only a handful of sites that offer proper strategy for roulette and other table games. Fortunately for those punters looking to tighten up their game, one of the industry’s most seasoned locales has reemerged on the scene with a flashy new look and a number of tutorials and strategies that gamblers will definitely want to check out.

British online casino portal operator Right Casino Media has announced the re-launch of its flagship website, The site, which was initially launched in September 2009, will return with new reviews, tips and tricks, as well as a sleek new design that makes navigation that much simpler.

"We want to keep with the times and make sure that while technology and player expectations increase our site can continue to serve there every need," claims David Merry, the Director of Right Casino Media. "A fresh look and fresh reviews ensures we are with the times and a cut above the rest."

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