Majority of Californians in favor of online poker

27 September 2011
Majority of Californians in favor of online poker

California has been one of the leading states in the U.S. calling for a legalization of online gambling, and the public seems to be backing its lawmakers. A recent survey found that 53 percent of voters were in favor of the idea, with 73 percent of voters under 40 supporting the move, The Sacramento Bee reports.

The results come in advance of a fall meeting between land-based operations, such as Indian casinos and racetracks, and internet proprietors, to try to come to a compromise on the issue. The largest draw would be online poker, and some proponents say that the move would be a boon for the California economy.

"It would be another source of revenue for the state, and we’re in dire financial problems," Irene Woods, who participated in the survey, told the news source. "I don’t see anything immoral about gambling anyway. What’s the difference if you go to Tahoe or Reno, or if you do it online?"

Massachusetts may be well on its way to legalizing online gambling as well, as the state recently passed a law allowing casinos.

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