New Jersey hopes to be first state to allow online casinos

12 August 2011
New Jersey hopes to be first state to allow online casinos

There has been a growing push to legalize online casinos in Washington, D.C., and now it looks like the fight is being taken to the state level as well. According to The Associated Press, a New Jersey legislator recently wrote to the federal government that each state should be allowed to determine whether or not to allow internet gambling.

The letter was written by democratic state Senator Raymond Lesniak, and was presented to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Lesniak added that he plans to present the New Jersey legislature with a bill that, if signed by Governor Chris Christie, would make The Garden State the first in the country to allow online gambling.

However, it may not be quite that simple. Earlier this year, Christie vetoed a bill that would have done the same thing, and he still has some issues with the practice. Even still, Lesniak is confident his revised bill will do the trick.

"Christie had two main problems with it: one was the concern that so-called Internet gambling cafes could pop up anywhere around the state, and that some of the revenue would be used to support horse racing," Lesniak told the AP. "We will take care of both those concerns."

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