Online roulette goes 3D at Casino Canada

17 May 2011
Online roulette goes 3D at Casino Canada

With television and video game manufacturers entering the third dimension and films like the comic book adventure Thor continuing to clean up at the box office, it is clear that 3D is here to stay. Now, Canadian punters will have chance to see what their favorite table games will look like through this exciting medium as Windows Casino Canada has added a 3D version of its online roulette game.

The new game is a user-friendly update of the site’s existing roulette games, and offers crisp and clear graphics that seem to leap right off the screen. Players can view the wheel from any angle to give them a better understanding of the physics and mechanics of the game – with the regular view providing an unimpeded straight shot of the wheel, while the betting view offers an overhead angle.

Players can wager between $1 and $100 per spin, and players can track their progress while they play thanks to the game’s split screen display. Other user-friendly features include illuminated numbers so a player always knows what they’re betting on, a redo function that allows gamers to establish a common bet and a demo mode that allows players to try the game free before they plop down their money.

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