Online roulette players may find a new home in the Netherlands

11 May 2011
Online roulette players may find a new home in the Netherlands

Though recent years have seen online gambling become one of the bigger industries in the European Union, not every country in the old continent has embraced the gaming world. Yet the list of holdouts looks to be growing smaller, as the Netherlands’ government has taken steps towards the wider legalization of online gambling, meaning Dutch punters may be able hit the online roulette tables within the next 4 years.

Back in March, supporters of online gambling introduced legislation that would legalize and regulate foreign online gambling companies operating in the Netherlands, representing a shift away from the country’s closed door policy on the practice. Recent changes in the government, along with continued pressure from the EU hint that the bill may pass, opening a new chapter in the Dutch gaming industry.

Some larger gaming site, namely Ladbrokes and Betfair, have expressed an interest in entering the market, and several have even purchased domain names in anticipation of the new motion.

Only time will tell, however, if online roulette players in Holland will be able to wager at their favorite international online casinos or have to make do with the country’s limited gaming sources.

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