Rapid Roulette is Geared to Change the Face of the World of Roulette

09 January 2013
Rapid Roulette is Geared to Change the Face of the World of Roulette

For gamers looking for a new twist on an old classic, Australian casinos have a new kind of roulette on offer. It’s called Rapid Roulette and right now it’s gearing up to change the face of gaming from the down under up. The new game operates in much the same way that regular roulette works: It’s got the same odds, the same wheel, the same everything except this roulette game operates via a touch screen.

Instead of placing their bets on a table — where they can accidentally be picked up by another player — casino players place their bets via Rapid Roulette’s interactive digital terminal. Because betting is automated, it’s much faster than at traditional roulette wheels. Players get in more games and suffer through less down and lag time.

And Rapid Roulette’s interactive screen offers gamers much more than a seamless and quick betting experience. The digital screen and extended Rapid Roulette betting options make Rapid Roulette feel more like a slot machine than a traditional table game which attracts many players from the other side of the room.

Instead of placing simple bets, prisoners have many more options. There are a variety of slot betting options, mystery jackpots and extended progressives that make the game much more involved and dynamic.

Rapid Roulette terminals are also growing in popularity because of their low betting thresholds. Terminals accept bets as low as two dollars. The low risk buy in encourages slot machine enthusiasts and other casual players to take a chance on an old game with a new twist.

Casinos and gamers are excited about Rapid Roulette’s implications for the future of gaming. Terminals promise to bring a cleaner betting format, faster gaming and more dynamism to classic casino games. Soon the world of online gaming and casino gaming could merge into an interactive digitized space that blends the personal entertaining experiences of casino gambling and the ease of online casino gaming.

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