Royal Vegas Online Casino introduces live-action online roulette

13 May 2011
Royal Vegas Online Casino introduces live-action online roulette

Gamblers that regularly play online casinos have learned to trust their computers when it comes time to wager or pay up. Yet for many holdouts, there is no replacing the human factor that comes with placing a bet at a brick-and-mortar casino. In an effort to reach out to these players, and remind current online roulette veterans of the fun and excitement that can be had in a live-action casino, virtual gaming houses across the globe have been introducing live-dealer online gambling into their rosters – the latest adopter of which is Royal Vegas Online Casino.

The online casino will begin offering live-dealer versions of popular table games like roulette, baccarat, blackjack, sic bo and mahjong. Dealers will interact with players via video conference and chat functions, providing commentary for captivated gamers all the while.

For their part, casino organizers are excited to take part in this trend, and predict that the new roster of games will help them attract some of the more cautious gamers.

“This is as close as you can get to enjoying a live table game from your PC,” said the company. “The added sense of trust players have with a live dealer is highlighted and really makes the games even more enjoyable.”

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