Should You Trust A Roulette Dealer?

20 November 2012
Should You Trust A Roulette Dealer?

Roulette dealers were notorious for cheating back in the day. This was before casino regulation. The most amazing aspect of this is that even though players knew they were being cheated, they would still return. This proves that a true compulsive gambler just wants action, not profit. We want profit, so it’s important to know if it’s possible that you’re being cheated.

Section Shooting is the best way for a roulette dealer to cheat. This means that after you place your bet, the dealer will shoot the ball in a way so that the ball doesn’t land in the section where your bet was made. Some roulette dealers can do this with decent accuracy since they shoot the roulette ball hundreds of times per day, usually at least five days per week. The good news is that you can prevent this from happening. All you have to do is tip the dealer. It’s always important to remember that dealers are human. If they like you, there is more of a chance that they will help you. If they don’t like you, the opposite is true.

A Wheel Switch is another potential cheating angle for roulette dealers and casinos. This happens when they detect that you have found an imperfection on the wheel. You might think that if you see them make the switch, then you can just stop playing. That’s the catch. They won’t switch it while you’re there. They will let you win one night and then switch the wheel without you knowing prior to your next visit, allowing you to lose several days in a row without you detecting that the wheel has been changed.

If either of these practices concerns you, then simply play online roulette instead. Since everything is tightly regulated, you won’t have to worry about being cheated.

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