Slither to success with the Snake Bet

27 April 2012
Slither to success with the Snake Bet

The Snake Bet in roulette involves placing 12 bets on numbers, forming a snake pattern. All 12 bets are the same amount and form an ‘S’ shape. Also, the bets are all of the same color. Here is a quick overview of the Snake Bet.

• 12 Bets all on single numbers of the same color. No split number bets.
• Bet same amount on all 12 numbers.
• Form an ‘S’ shape.

Is the Snake Bet Against the Rules?
No. Although online roulette tables don’t offer a “Snake Bet” button, there’s no rules that states that players can’t bet numbers manually.

Pros and Cons
Does the Snake Bet work? It gives the same probability for success as placing bets on 12 random numbers. Therefore, the house edge remains the same. Here is an overview of the pros and cons:

• It’s a cool pattern
• It’s an easy to remember pattern.

• Takes longer to bet than other methods.
• Requires a large bankroll because it takes a lot of chips to form.

Cool Facts
• The Snake Bet is very popular among Chinese Payers.
• A Snake is one of the animals on the Chinese Zodiac and comes around every 12 years.

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