Twin Rivers casino getting ready for table games

24 June 2013
Twin Rivers casino getting ready for table games

The past few months have been busy months for the Twin Rivers casino in New England. After a referendum for adding table games was approved, Twin Rivers has been upgrading their facilities and looking for dealers to host the games.

Twin Rivers has kept its promise of creating new jobs at Rhode Island and aside from all the workers that were hired to upgrade the building, about 500 to 600 new staff members are being hired to help host the table games. Although some of these staff members will not work full time, it’s still good to see that casinos are creating jobs and contributing to the economy.

This month and the coming month, the final preparations for hosting the table games will take place and Twin Rivers casino will start offering live table games to visitors from July 2013. The casino expects that live table games will increase the popularity of the casino and increase the revenue of other games in the casino as well.

Twin Rivers will host 65 live tables and chairman John Taylor has said to the media that he hopes those tables will help the casino to close the gap with Massachusetts. Twin River casino is located in Lincoln, Rhode Island, about 10 minutes from Providence and less than one hour away from Boston. The casino has a floor area of more than 29,000 square foot.

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