The Best Roulette Experience in Vegas

Considered the “Big Four” in the roulette world, the Mirage, the Wynn, the Bellagio, and MGM Grand are the place to play if top-flight roulette action is what you seek. Not only are these four casinos the best plays in town, but they remain the only casinos in Las Vegas to offer both American and European roulette.

The Mirage

Possessing two live wheels, the Mirage requires a minimum bet of $25, with a maximum bet of $20,000. The average house edge for live roulette is around 2.70% for the American game. Like the other three casinos mentioned, the Mirage will return half of the money bet (Black or Red) when the 0 comes up. The other casinos in town take all of the money. For European roulette, the house advantage at the Mirage is around 1.35%. Also in the European game, the appearance of the 0 and 00 are prominent.

The Wynn

Unlike the Mirage, the Wynn casino has a minimum cash bet of $100, but similar to the Mirage, tops out at a $20,000 maximum bet. The Wynn’s roulette games for both the American and European versions are located in their high stakes room. The Wynn operates two wheels, just like the Mirage, and return half of your money on 0 (Black or Red) bets.

The Bellagio

Also located in their high stakes room, the Bellagio’s roulette games have a minimum bet of $100, similar to the Wynn, with the same $20,000 maximum bet. Like both the Mirage and the Wynn, the Bellagio’s American roulette game has a house edge of 2.70 and a European roulette game house edge of 1.35%. Unlike either the Mirage or the Wynn, the Bellagio has 3 roulette wheels in constant operation, and their games are considered to be some of the “faster” games in town. Faster meaning that the wheel’s revolution tendency is more spins per hour than most other roulette game wheels in Las Vegas.

MGM Grand

The “Grandfather” of the Big Four, the MGM Grand keeps their roulette wheels located in the Mansion portion of the casino. Like the Mirage, the minimum cash buy in is $25, but unlike any of the other three casinos however, the maximum bet for both the American and European roulette games is only $10,000. The house advantage remains similar in the MGM Grand as with the other three casinos, 2.70% for the American roulette game, and 1.35% for the European game.

There are over a dozen casinos in Las Vegas that offer roulette. Not all of them are live, and most are electronic roulette games with much worse odds than the live games. Other than the “Big Four”, the other casinos will take all of your money on red and black bets on 0. If roulette is the game of choice, these four establishments in Las Vegas are where you need to be betting money.

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