Roulette Variants

Here at roulette4fun we always keep an eye open for interesting news about roulette. Although roulette isn’t mentioned a lot in traditional written media, sometimes we do find nice stories about roulette there. Yesterday we encountered a story in a local French newspaper that we didn’t want to keep to ourselves.

The newspaper reported on a great blind date event that mixed roulette with blind dating. In this case, the goal of playing roulette was not to win money or chips, but to win the heart of a girl. The event was held in a small city in France and about 70 people took part in it.

The game, Date Roulette, works pretty much the same as the real roulette game. The only difference is that every number on the roulette wheel now corresponds to a girl and all guys get to spin the wheel.

When the game starts, all girls are assigned a number that corresponds to a number on the roulette wheel. After that, all guys are assigned a number. This number will determine the order in which the guys spin. When all numbers are assigned, the game starts.

The guys will spin the wheel one by one, the ball falls into a pocket and they win a date with the girl that has been assigned the same number as the pocket. If someone spins a number that has already been spun, they will have to spin the wheel once more. If the ball ends up in at a number that has been spun again, the guy will be matched with the girl that has the next available number.

There is one more rule, and this is where it gets interesting, if you spin a zero, you can pick any girl you want. This includes girls that have already been matched with other guys. If this happens, the guy who lost his date can spin again and ‘win’ a new date. Everyone that spins a zero gets to pick their girl, but girls that have been picked by people that spun a zero cannot be ‘stolen’ anymore.

All in all quite an interesting variant of roulette and we hope that we can once take part in the game as well. It seems to be the perfect game, combining the thrills of having a blind date with the thrills of playing roulette. What more could a man want?

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