Check Your Chances of Winning with Roulette Odds

Many claims have already been made about roulette not offering great odds to the player. They find the game a complete waste of time and money simply because it does not pay the bets really well. With the roulette odds of 37 to 1 of hitting the single number that one has placed a bet on, it isn’t much of a favorite for some. The same people do not favor the payouts even for combination bets.

Know the House Edge

Before starting any game of roulette, be realistic about its odds and the fact that it is a game of chance. Be aware too that because of the game giving a house advantage of 5.26% (on the American roulette game), it is among the list of games with the worst bets in the casino. Despite these roulette odds however, you can still try to stretch your bankroll by implementing your personal strategies while taking your chances with the wheel.

Begin with the Basics

As with any game, increasing your roulette odds can be possible with the proper and correct implementation of roulette strategies and techniques. But keeping a close eye on the basics of the game does a lot to help. In roulette, you can affect the odds of your winning by making as many different bets as you like. Make sure however, to keep within the table’s maximum bet limits. This is because the more bets you make, the more complicated things can get. It is rather confusing to follow all the action. But you can still do something to simplify matters:

  • Play and bet to the table’s minimum. Know that the outside bets are the best to play at. Outside bets give out 1 to 1 pays. With 18 of 38 probable combinations covered by an outside bet, you are increasing your roulette odds.
  • You can also modify your roulette odds by betting two equal amounts on two different outside bets. This is done by putting a wager on a slot for a dozen numbers (1st dozen) or a column (column 3) and the other on an even-money (black) play. Spreading your bets this way doesn’t guarantee a full win, but the excitement that it adds to the table is priceless.

Pick the Right Wheel

Improve your roulette odds by playing on the more advantageous roulette wheel. The European wheel is the choice roulette wheel for the smart casino player. The Single Zero Roulette (or the European roulette) gives a house edge of only 2.63% as opposed the 5.26% for the Double Zero Roulette (or the American roulette).

Play En Prison

Sometimes made available on the Single Zero roulette, the rule considerably minimizes the house edge to 1.35%. You get your even money “in prison” when the ball lands on a 0. If on the next spin, it lands on a black, you get back your original bet without any other payout. But if it lands on a red, you lose the original bet. Another 0 and your money still stays in prison.

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