Roulette Books

There are thousands of books about roulette. Most of these books, however, only describe how to play the game and give you hints and tips on how to maximize your profit. They introduce strategies such as the Martingale system and explain how these strategies can be used to get a solid win rate.

When thinking about good books for tips and strategies, the first books that come to mind would probably be Spin Roulette Gold and Thirteen Against The Bank. These books are great reads and they will teach you valuable things about the game of roulette. Thirteen Against The Bank even tells a nice story, while the main focus lies on a betting system that took several casinos by surprise.

In this article we also want to look at normal books that feature roulette, the kind of books that tell an exciting story and don’t want to teach you anything about the game itself. Unfortunately, these books are not as common and finding them is quite the task.

The most common form of roulette that you will encounter in books is Russian roulette and, even though it’s a very exciting and fascinating game, it’s not really what we’re looking for here. We prefer reading books that have a good story line, revolving around American or European roulette.

As said before, this kind of books are quite rare and the only book that we have read that would match this description is The Gambler, a book written over 100 years ago by a former Russian general. An interesting detail is that the general had to publish the book to pay off his own gambling debts, as he was addicted to the game of roulette himself.

In the book, a Russian boy, Alexei, falls in love with a girl, but he’s having trouble conquering her heart. When a rich Englishman comes into play things get even more complicated. Money problems and relationships play a big role in the book. Alexei spends quite some time at the roulette table and throughout the book roulette plays a key role.

The Gambler a great book and if you can find the book in your language, it’s definitely worth a read. If you have read any other books about roulette, please leave a comment and tell us all about these books, as we are always interested in reading books about our favorite game!

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