European Roulette: The Game in Review

One of the most popularly played casino games is the European roulette. The game makes use of a roulette wheel and a betting grid. Basically, the European roulette entails a croupier to spin the roulette wheel in one direction and toss a little ball in the opposite direction. The players will then wager on which of the numbered pockets will the ball land in.

The Wheel

Also known as the single-zero roulette, the European roulette makes use of a roulette wheel with thirty-seven numbered pockets that are orderly numbered 0 to 36. This is what makes European roulette different from American roulette. The numbered pockets in the European roulette wheel are alternately colored red and black, while the number 0 is colored green.

Before the wheel is turned you have to place your bets. When betting in European roulette, there are segments to observe. When you have placed bets, the ball is released and allowed to roll into the wheel. When the wheel stops and the ball fortunately lands on the number/combination of number/color you chose, you win. Payouts will depend on how and where you placed your bets. In European roulette, each bet is covered with different numbers and has a different distribution.

The Ways of Betting

A player may bet on any particular number, on a combination of numbers, the color of the numbers, or whether the number where the ball lands on will be odd or even.

Betting in European roulette is divided into two components:

Inside Bets

The inside bet in European roulette is when you place your bet on any number from 0 to 36 on the table. The inside bet also consists of different categories:

  • Straight Up – You can bet on any number including the number 0. Players should place their chips on the center of the number.
  • Split Bet – You can bet on two numbers next to each other. Players should place their bet on the line that divides the two numbers. The wager is placed at the maximum, same as Straight Up multiplied by two.
  • Street bet – You can bet on three numbers in a row. Players place their bet on the boundary line of the roulette table at the end of the corresponding row. The wager for this bet is the Straight Up bet multiplied by three.

Under the rules of the European roulette, there are other categories under the inside bet. This includes the Square Bet or Four-Number Bet, Five-Number Line Bet, and the Six-Number Line Bet. Wager is always pegged at the maximum. The multiplier would depend on the numbers you have betted on.

Outside Bets

The outside bet in European roulette is placing the bet outside of the table layout such as Red or the First 12. In European roulette, the bets in this category consist of:

  • Column bet – This is betting on one of the three vertical columns.
  • Dozen Bet – This is a gamble on twelve numbers.
  • Even-Money Bet – This is to place stake on eighteen numbers, wherein the chip is located on any one of these squares: 1 to 18, 19 to 36, Black, Red, Odd, or Even.

The Payouts

The payouts in a European roulette depend on where you have placed your bet. The payout for a Straight-up bet is 35 to 1. This means that you get paid with 36 coins if you bet with just a single coin. You get a 17 to 1 payout with the Split bet. Again, if you placed a Split bet with one coin and either one of the two numbers came up, you paid with 18 coins. The payout for a Street bet is 11 to 1. The Corner bet pays 8 to 1 and is the same for the Four Bet. The Line bet pays out 5 to 1. The Column bet or otherwise known as the Dozen bet pays out 2 to 1. You get a payout of 1 to 1 if only play the Even-Money Bet.

One last thing, always concentrate when you play European roulette. If you allow your mind to wander, you will lose you composure and eventually end up with nothing. The European roulette needs a focused mind.

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