Live Roulette

Very few things are more exciting than live roulette. The spinning roulette wheel, the sound of the ball dropping in a slot and the cheering of the crowd. If you’ve ever played live roulette, you probably know how great a game it is in person. Not only winning makes live roulette exciting but also the small details that make the game. Luckily there is a way to experience the thrill of a real-life roulette game online in a live roulette casino.

Live Roulette Online

Live roulette online ensures a real casino experience just like roulette in a casino. Instead of watching a computer generated wheel spin based on a random number generator, live roulette online features real dealers and a real roulette wheel. This ensures a fair as well as fun gameplay. Live casinos use video streaming to show you the dealer and the roulette wheel and in most live casinos it is even possible to chat with the live casino dealer.

The Difference Between Live Roulette Online and Regular Roulette Online

There are notably differences between live online roulette and simulated online roulette. Simulated online roulette feels more like a video game, you’ll see animated graphics and all of the outcomes are computer generated by a random number generator. Simulated online roulette can be fun, however if you prefer playing roulette in the brick-and-mortar casino you are probably more interested in live online roulette games.

Pros and Cons of Live Roulette Online

Pros of live roulette

  1. Live roulette experience – You can experience roulette like you are in a real-life casino, live roulette is played with real dealers and live roulette wheels.
  2. Real ball spinning – Live roulette online has a real dealer spinning a live roulette wheel rather than an animated wheel and a random number generator.
  3. Social interaction – Live roulette features live chat with the roulette dealers and sometimes other live roulette players.
  4. Attractive dealers – Live roulette casinos have real roulette dealers that are a pleasure to watch rather than staring at an animated wheel.
  5. Better graphics – Live roulette online is recorded by cameras and streamed to your computer resulting in crisp and clear live graphics.

Cons of live roulette

  1. Speed – Live online roulette is a bit slower compared to regular online roulette.
  2. Preference – Some people just prefer animated roulette without a dealer instead of a live roulette dealer and wheel.

Live Roulette Tips

Increasing your odds in live online roulette is no different than in any other type of roulette.

  1. Learn how to play roulette
  2. Play on a European live roulette table instead of an American live roulette table. The European roulette wheel provides better odds. Even better is playing on an European table that follows the En Prison rule.
  3. Do not gamble with money you can’t afford to lose and use a proper money management system when playing live roulette.

For more tips regarding playing live roulette check out roulette tips and roulette strategy, or play at a live roulette casino, the roulette4fun team advises William Hill’s Live Casino or Castle Casino..

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