to broadcast roulette from real life Irish casino

25 July 2011 to broadcast roulette from real life Irish casino

Online casinos give players from across the globe the opportunity to play some of their favorite games remotely, and one in particular is making the experience as realistic as possible. recently announced that it is launching a new live roulette game that is broadcast from a real casino.

The games will take place at the Sporting Emporium Casino, which is located in Dublin, Ireland, and will be offered alongside the website’s other live roulette broadcast – from a television studio in Spain. Though many other online casinos offer one or the other, is one of the few to provide both options.

"Whereas most live roulette providers can only provide the game from either a television studio or a real casino, we have taken the step of catering for all of our player’s preferences once again," said David Merry, casino manager at the website.

According to Silversurfer Today, the website could be especially appealing to people over 50 as older adults are becoming more confident in online gambling, especially when it comes to playing roulette.

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