Iowa Woman Wins Top Lottery Prize through Roulette game

14 June 2012
Iowa Woman Wins Top Lottery Prize through Roulette game

Jessica Berns of Decorah, Iowa has won a top lottery prize from the Iowa Lottery. Berns, 37 was waiting to pick up her children after school from the bus stop when she decided to go into the convenience store and buy a scratch off lottery ticket. She purchased a three dollar "Roulette" instant win ticket.

Ms Berns was shocked when she realized that she had won the $30,000 prize. She stated, "I didn’t believe it. I quickly ran back to the gas station and had them check it. I’ve been in shock ever since."

Ms. Berns purchased and checked her ticket at Engen Express, a convenience store that is located in Ridgeway, Iowa. She claimed her prize in Mason City, Iowa at the Iowa Lottery offices. Ms. Berns stated that she had yet to tell her children that she won the prize but she was certain that "They’re going to be excited and I’m sure they’ll tell me what they want." She has shared her news with coworkers but has not decided yet how to spend her winnings.

The "Roulette" game that Ms. Berns played has a series of 20 numbers that need to be scratched off. If a number matches the roulette wheel, the player wins that amount of money. The "Roulette" lottery game offers 10 players a prize of $30,000. Players may win prizes ranging from $3 to $30,000. Many top prize amounts are still available to win. The Iowa Lottery began is 1985 as a means to help provide funds for schools and state funded programs. Lottery players have been awarded more than $2.8 billion in prize money since 1985.

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