Online casinos continue to grow in popularity

21 November 2011
Online casinos continue to grow in popularity

Online casinos are still popping up across the internet, and players are able to play all of their favorite games including roulette, poker and blackjack. This trend is still growing, and it doesn’t seem as if it is going to slow down anytime soon, according to

Online gambling has given people who do not live near casinos the opportunity to play their favorite games while being in the comfort of their home. Between this selling point and the fact that the online gambling industry is consistently in the news, players are more apt to visit site after site, searching for their favorite gaming destination, the news source reports.

This is also true for the development of online casinos in the United States, even though Congress has yet to pass the law that will allow online gambling. According to, Caesers Entertainment is ready to launch a U.S. online casino within the next year, as long as the Congress passes the bill. Caesars Entertainment’s CEO, Gary Loveman, explained that they will be able to produce this so quickly because they have plenty of advertisers.

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