Pamela Anderson Launches Facebook Poker App

29 June 2012
Pamela Anderson Launches Facebook Poker App

Infamous on-screen queen Pamela Anderson recently launched Facebook’s newest online poker game, BamPoker. BamPoker takes online poker to a new level, incorporating the innate thrill of a good game of poker with the personable aspects of social networking. Even better, BamPoker is the only online poker game that hosts Pam Anderson’s very own fan page. (If you’re already sold, the BamPoker App can be found at

BamPoker was founded by Elton Pereira and Jeremy Nichele, two entrepreneurs who, like Pam, hail from Canada. The three have a lot in common. Pereira and Nichele are committed to further igniting the thrill of online poker—and Pam has been known to inspire a lot of excitability too. They are also interested in the players too. Pereira and Nichele decided to develop their app partly because they felt faceless online poker lacked the character and community that real-life poker often has. And Pam? She enjoys the BamPoker community by playing alongside other users and even chatting sometimes too. She’s already known to have a heart of gold from her work with PETA, but Pam’s work with BamPoker is for the greater good too. BamPoker has a number of nonprofit partnerships to better a variety of great causes planned through 2012 and Pam will be at the forefront of many.

BamPoker is completely free to play, which allows users to focus on the game. No real money is used in bets either, so you can hone your skills for free online, then show your skills off in Vegas later. People from all over the world can connect in BamPoker through casual games or tournaments. Players are ranked by levels according to chips and experience points. The ultimate goal? To advance to BamPoker’s VIP tables to meet with the best virtual poker faces Facebook has to offer.

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