The Joys of Live Roulette

18 May 2012
The Joys of Live Roulette

There are two main ways to play roulette online. The first way is the one that has been around since shortly after the birth of the Internet, which is playing computerized roulette. Computerized roulette uses an animated roulette wheel that outputs the results of a software program.

Betting on this kind of intangible process is very disconcerting for most roulette players. It is easy to feel like the program is cheating when there is no physical evidence to certify that the game is on the up and up. This is why live roulette is rapidly becoming the online roulette game of choice.

Live roulette still uses software to facilitate the game, but the software only is used for players to place their bets. The players are not betting on the outcome of a digital roulette game determined by software. Instead a live roulette feed from a real casino or a wheel specifically built for an online casino is used. Players are able to watch this feed and see for themselves that the game is on the level.

The wheels are regularly inspected to make sure that they are operating within normal parameters. The physical nature of the live roulette wheel is very comforting to casino players. It is much more exciting as well. Watching the live feed showing an actual roulette ball bounce on an actual roulette wheels is so much more exciting than watching an animated interpretation of a software program.

The live roulette experience just seems more human, and it makes players feel much more comfortable. It is much easier to believe in the results when they are tangible. Any roulette player that has yet to experience the delights of live roulette needs to give it a try. Once players have tried live roulette, they will never go back to the computerized version.

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