U.S. House met to discuss online gambling

29 November 2011
U.S. House met to discuss online gambling

A U.S. House subcommmittee met this past Friday to discuss both the implications of legalizing internet gambling and also the benefits of it, according to Poker News Report. They also discussed how they would regulate it and supporters explained why it should be legal.

“We support Federal legislation that will allow states to license and regulate online poker, while also ensuring each state has the right to determine whether the activity is permissible for residents of that state,” the American Gaming Association president Frank Fahrenkopf said during the hearing. “”States’ rights must be recognized. States should have the right to determine what exists in their states, how they’re going to regulate it, and how they’re going to tax it.”

Fahrenkopf added that laws need to be strengthened in order to catch those who participate in any form of illegal internet gambling, the media outlet reports.

According to Poker News, the message was mostly positive for those who want online gambling to be legalized.

If online gaming becomes a reality in the U.S., players will be able to play their favorites including online roulette, blackjack, poker and the slots – all in the comfort of their own home.

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