VIP Slots tourney targets online roulette players

03 May 2011
VIP Slots tourney targets online roulette players

Online roulette is one of the most exciting games on the internet and gamers hoping to hit it big on the big wheel take any opportunity they can to play in a competitive environment. Those gamers may want to head over to VIP Slots, as the online gaming hub has launched a new series of tournaments that online roulette players will definitely want to get in on.

Beginning tomorrow, VIP slots will launch its Wheel Deal roulette tournament. The event, which will focus on the American variant of the popular table game, will boast a substantial prize pool, but will only pay out to the top two finishers. This means that two lucky gamers will have the chance to make bank, as the prize pool will be built from the re-buy and entry fees collected.

The winner will walk home with 75 percent of the pot, while second place will take home the remaining 25 percent.

Organizers hope that the tournament will get more punters interested in American roulette, which boasts a higher house edge than the European variations of the game.

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