Do Roulette Dealers Cheat?

15 January 2013
Do Roulette Dealers Cheat?

Earlier we wrote an article about the trustworthiness of your roulette dealer. We actually got an email from a roulette dealer from the strip saying this was an absurd article and these practices never happen anymore nowadays.. So what do you think? Do roulette dealers cheat? It’s a question that has crossed every casino roulette players mind at one time or another. But could it really happen and how?

Here are the facts that we know. The odds of winning in European roulette are slightly in the house’s favor. 2.36% in the house’s favor to be exact. Each player has a 1 in 37 chance of finding the ball in his slot after each spin.

But is there anything that a casino dealer can do to turn the odds in his favor? Some players believe that certain dealers know how to section shoot. Under the theory, skilled dealers can spin the wheel in a certain way so that the ball avoids the sections of the roulette wheel that holds the most bets.

Another possible tactic is wheel switching. Once a dealer sees that a player has been winning repeatedly on a certain wheel, the dealer switches out the wheel. This eliminates any chance that a player has found a wheel with a bias.

Some even think that roulette dealers cheat via intimidation tactics. Once a player has been winning too frequently, some players feel that the dealer stops being quite so friendly. They rush the player, giving him less time between bets to apply his roulette strategy in hopes of intimidating him out of further wins.

So do any of these practices really happen? The general consensus is certainly that cheating in roulette is highly unlikely. Reputable casino owners are discouraged from cheating because if they’re caught they stand to lose their license and their reputation.

But risk of loss of license largely only covers obvious betting practices like placing a magnet under the roulette wheel. More subtle acts of roulette dealer subterfuge are much harder to catch thus posing much less risk for casino owners to employ.

And because those tactics are so hard to detect, no one can ever be sure if casino dealers are employing them. So what are players to do? Those worried about questionable dealers often end up online. There the games are automated and there are no dealer spins, impatience or actual wheels to worry about.

Let us know what you think!

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